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Dr. Kelly is a born healer. She has helped thousands of people on their journey to wellness. From medical mysteries, chronic illnesses, hormone & thyroid concerns, gastrointestinal issues, immune dysfunction and autoimmune diseases; there are few internal medical issues Dr. Kelly has not tackled. She specializes in providing personalized, compassionate care, working on several levels to improve patients’ quality of life and simultaneously investigate the root causes of the dysfunctions. Her calming, gentle nature has brought many people comfort on their healing journeys.

Dr. Kelly began her career in medicine with the intention of providing a comprehensive holistic approach that encompasses the mind body spirit connection. Throughout her pre-medical training and continuing through medical school and residency, she explored acupuncture, herbs, meditation, energy medicine, spirituality, and massage, while simultaneously excelling in her conventional medical studies. She has been practicing medicine since 2000 and continues her education to provide cutting edge expertise, tools, and services for healing.

Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, California recruited Dr. McCann to establish an integrative practice in Orange County. She remains on staff at Hoag and has been in private practice in Costa Mesa since 2008.

She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and simultaneously earned a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) in Tropical Medicine (TM) at Tulane University. She completed both an Internal Medicine residency at Banner Samaritan Medical Center and a Pediatrics residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. McCann is one of only 35 physicians world-wide to have participated in a Residential Fellowship in the Program of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where she worked with Dr. Andrew Weil. She is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine and also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Board of Physician Specialties.

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Dr. McCann completed a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in August 2010. She is a Board Member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and a Board Member and the 2020 Conference Chair for the International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness. She lectures internationally on various topics, including mold and mycotoxin illness, Lyme and chronic infections, mast cell activation, and related conditions and environmental medicine. She lives in Orange County, California with her husband and their dog. She enjoys yoga, learning Spanish, hiking, reading, and traveling.​

The Roadmap to Elevating Your Health

Dr. Kelly’s roadmap focuses on developing a personalized health and wellness plan and creating a sustainable lifestyle. Identifying goals and creating actionable steps are essential to reach and maintain health and wellness.

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Step 1. Assessment

The Assessment step creates clarity by identifying the root cause of any underlying issues. We'll examine your biochemistry, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental factors to help you understand how to reach optimal health.

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Step 2. Gut Health

Address your gut health for your health roadmap, creating a balanced immune system. Proper nutrition, addressing food sensitivities, and identifying optimal nutrition are essential for a happy gut and a strong immune system.

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Step 3. Detoxification

Step 3 in your health journey: Detoxification. Optimize your health by cleaning up the environment, addressing toxins, and renewing your body.


Step 4. Supplementation

Step 4 in your health plan: Supplementation for replenishing nutrients, balancing hormones and relieving symptoms.

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Step 5. Lifestyle

Step 5 focuses on Lifestyle, emphasizing engagement. People often lack motivation and feel stuck. To fix this, we focus on body movement, mind-body connection, play and finding your inner child.

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Step 6. Introspection

This sixth step encourages introspection to build resilience. Reflect on yourself and emotions, and journaling to gain insight and better manage emotions. Create a positive outlook and figure out what needs to be done to reach health and wellness goals.


Step 7. Systems

Understand your body's systems (endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous, immune) and how to prevent health issues. Understand how to nourish your body and optimize wellbeing. Look at how stress and emotions affect systems, plus genetic and environmental factors.

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Step 8. Intentional Living

Intentional Living is the 8th step in your health journey. It focuses on investing in lifestyle and introspection practices, such as meditation, deep breathing, restorative yoga, healthy nutrition, exercise and proper sleep. Self-care is also key, including being kind to yourself and engaging in activities that bring joy, peace and balance.

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Step 9. Building your team

Step 9 in your health roadmap is about accountability. Identify supportive friends, family, and mentors, as well as professionals like nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and psychologists to help you reach your goals.

Board Certifications and Affiliations

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Articles & Publications

Podcasts & Interviews

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