Brian Johnson

Bonus interview with Brian Johnson, healthy home builder from SENERGY360

Recently I hosted a webinar with Brian Johnson, a healthy home builder who shared a ton of invaluable information on…


Biofilms: What the heck are they? And how do they impact me?

If you’ve ever gone to the dentist for a cleaning of dental plaque or noticed a ring of minerals in a glass after the…

Blood cells in the vein

Demystifying Blood Clotting: A Comprehensive Guide to Symptoms and Solutions

What comes to mind first when I say blood clotting? You are probably thinking about doctor visits, having to take…

healthy paleo food ingredients

Which Diet Is Right for YOU? Paleo, Keto & Carnivore Diets

Beyond Gluten Free: Is THIS the Missing Piece to Your Health Puzzle? For many of you, the gluten-free journey has been…

older woman smiling

All About Menopause: Transitioning with Grace

Menopause can be an intimidating transition. The physical and emotional rollercoaster that hormonal changes take us on…

fireworks in las vegas

It’s Vagus, not Vegas! What is so compelling about the Vagus nerve and why should you care?

Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Theory: How to Improve Your Vagal Tone for Better Mental Health Your vagus nerve is one of…

happy woman with relief from PMS symptoms

Revealing the Secrets of Your Cycle for Personalized PMS Relief

Demystifying The Worst PMS Case I've Ever Seen Picture this: You wake up feeling like a stranger in your body. Hives…


Oxalates: Understanding What They Are and How They Impact Your Health

From Kidney Stones to Gut Health: Exploring the Far-Reaching Effects of Oxalates on Your Overall Well-being In the vast…

brain chemicals

Brain Basics: Getting to Know 4 Types of Your Essential Brain Chemicals

Exploring the Functions, Effects, and Importance of Your Neurotransmitters Have you ever wondered how your brain…

Restorative Sleep

Restful Nights: Unlocking the Secrets of Deep, Restorative Sleep

Tossing and turning. Racing thoughts. Feeling tired, yet wide awake. Sounds familiar? Do you struggle to fall asleep or…


Limbic System: Neuroplasticity and Limbic Retraining to Improve Mental and Physical Health

Your brain is such a complex and fascinating organ. It controls all your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. One…

Spring flowers

Meet The Spring Center

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to my medical clinic, The Spring Center! In 2008 I opened the doors to The Spring…

Elimination Diets

Elimination Diets for Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

If you’re dealing with unidentified food sensitivities or intolerances, figuring out what to eat can feel more like a…

woman cleaning

Autophagy: Auto – What? It’s Spring Cleaning at the Cellular Level!

Have you ever heard about autophagy? Autophagy is the cellular version of spring cleaning. It’s a natural process in…

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