Discover the Secrets to Reversing Hair Loss: Dr. Kelly's Live Q&A with Julie Olson

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Are you struggling with hair loss and feel it’s just an inevitable part of aging or genetics? Think again! Join Dr. Kelly and special guest Julie Olson, CFMP, CN, BCHN, CGP, in an eye-opening Q&A session where they unravel the deeper causes behind hair loss. Julie Olson, a renowned functional nutritionist and founder of Fortitude Functional Nutrition, shares her expertise on addressing hair loss through tackling inflammation, gut dysbiosis, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

In this insightful session, we explore:

  • The key root causes of hair loss
  • The link between mast cell activation and hair loss
  • Hormonal factors affecting hair loss in both genders
  • Effective nutrients and treatments for hair regeneration
  • The crucial role of gut health in maintaining a healthy scalp microbiome
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Dr. Kelly McCann
woman with long hair

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical tips to reclaim your hair’s health. Watch the replay, dive into the detailed transcript, and follow Julie Olson for more hair health insights at Fortitude Functional Nutrition.

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