MCAS Masterclass

with Dr. Kelly McCann

Dr. Kelly McCann

There are few health related things that apply to absolutely everybody. This is one of them…

None of us are exempt from the burden and exposures of environmental toxins.

Your home, habits, and hobbies are not just important aspects of what make you a unique and interesting human being, sometimes these can be critical components or confounders in your health.

Imagine if you KNEW all the hidden dangers in your home and your environment. Wouldn’t you do EVERYTHING that you could to eliminate or at least reduce those threats?

Of course, you would.

Most of you already know that eating organic food is preferable. But where are the other pitfalls and how do you AVOID them if you don’t know what and WHERE they are? Keep reading…

How these aspects of your life and your environment impact your health is the focus of this Masterclass.

This Masterclass will provide you with the tools to determine YOUR environmental triggers so you can regain control over not just your mast cell responses, but also your overall health.

Who is This Masterclass For?

If you live in this world, you are exposed to toxins.

We should all take more care in that exposure and work to reduce our burden!

For some, the symptoms are already apparent and for others, maybe not.

Either way, whether it’s for you, your family, or both, I encourage you to educate yourself further and take steps to address your health.

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This Masterclass is for people who:

  • Struggle with MCAS, allergies, autoimmune conditions and other immune issues.
  • Have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Have gastrointestinal issues, abdominal pain, IBS, SIBO or other conditions
  • Experienced mold toxicity, Lyme disease or other chronic infections
  • Have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or other connective tissue, cardiac or autonomic nervous system issues.
  • Have neurological conditions; psychological issues
  • Frankly, we all can!

You will benefit from this masterclass if:

  • You live on earth (Yes, I said it!)
  • You are currently experiencing symptoms of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome such as skin rashes, eye irritation, fatigue, weight loss, clotting, or headaches.
  • You care about reducing your toxic load and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • You have pressing questions about MCAS that you want answered by a trusted expert
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Dr. Kelly’s Comprehensive Environmental Masterclass is an exploration of your overall environment, including the food you eat, the products you use, and all that you are exposed to in your everyday habits and life.

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What Will I Get?

In this masterclass, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about the 4 key areas of environmental exposures through my Deep Dive lectures. In these video lectures, I explain why each question from the Environmental History Deep Dive questionnaire is so important, and how to make changes in those areas to reduce your exposure.

Additionally, you receive access to multiple in-depth pre-recorded Q&As that delve into the most common and most pressing questions around MCAS and environmental toxins.

Additionally, learn:

  • The “where” of chemical exposures
  • “What”, “which”, and “How” these exposures impact your health
  • How to make small, manageable changes to hugely impact your life and your health

Additionally, get access to:

  • The Environmental Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • A comprehensive MCAS FAQ
  • My trusted supplement guide
  • Accompanying PDF slide deck from each of the 4 lectures
  • And transcripts from the Q&As for easy reading/ reference
Dr. Kelly McCann