Live Q&A: Mold & Mycotoxins

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If you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions, you’ll benefit greatly from this Q&A.

I found mold in my home, what do I do?

I can’t move out of my moldy home, what can I do?

I’m sick and I’ve been exposed to mold, how do I start getting better?

What testing should I get to see if I have mold toxicity?

What binders do I take to get rid of mold in my body?

“Every day, both in my practice and online, I’ve been able to help people just like you overcome their issues related to mold and mycotoxins. And now, you have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and expertise shared during this masterclass.”

Dr. Kelly McCann

Knowledge is Power.

Countless individuals like you have faced these very same challenges and have sought guidance and answers. That’s exactly why we’re excited to present you with the full recording of our LIVE Q&A event, where you can find the solutions you’ve been searching for.

During this Q&A, we tackled the most pressing questions and concerns surrounding these topics, offering practical advice and effective strategies that you can implement right away.

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This Q&A focuses on everything mold-related, from testing your home to testing your body and the steps to take and the order on how to take them. We discussed actionable steps you can take to mitigate the effects of moldy or toxic environments when moving out isn’t an immediate option.

While your doctors may have good intentions, they might not possess the specialized knowledge required to address your unique challenges. That’s why this replay is a must-watch for anyone seeking real solutions.

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