Nutrition Consultation with Sarah Choszczyk, Functional Nutritionist

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Sarah Choszczyk cooking

How would you describe your relationship with food?

This is often one of the first questions I ask clients. Though it may strike you as a little touchy-feely, it’s an important consideration.

  • Many would say that food is fuel, and like a high-performance engine, the better the fuel, the better the body will run.
  • Some mention emotional health in relation to food, describing themselves as emotional eaters or describing the joy (or guilt) that comes from eating certain things.
  • Others talk about how food connects them with their family and culture.

More often than not, food seems like a confusing and complex subject. I see people who have reactions to food but can’t pinpoint which ones. Clients talk about the often conflicting information they find during internet searches. Not to mention all of the nutritional supplements being marketed as well!

If you are nodding your head to any of this, hear me when I say that what you are experiencing is valid.

There is a lot more to food than just calories and the information out there can be overwhelming.

This is why working one-on-one with a nutrition professional is so helpful.

If you:

  • Have uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc…
  • Get sick often, or take a long time to recover from illness…
  • Notice you feel bad or have specific symptoms after eating, or suspect a food sensitivity…
  • Have abnormal lab values related to lipids, blood sugar, nutrients, inflammation, etc…
  • Want to meet specific fitness or athletic goals…
  • Are confused about what supplements you are or should be taking…
  • Want to make sure you are eating the most healthy food for your body…
  • Have been told by your doctor that you would benefit from addressing your nutrition…

…we should talk.

I know that the idea of doing consults with a nutritionist is intimidating–I’ve had nutrition consults myself!

Sarah Choszczyk cooking
Sarah Choszczyk cooking

Here is what you can expect when you meet with me:

  • No judgment, whatsoever.
  • A review of your current eating patterns so I know where we’re starting
  • A conversation about your concerns or goals and how nutrition fits in
  • A review of your medications and supplements (keep in mind that I ask about your medications only to ensure I am making safe recommendations. I will never
  • advise you to take, modify, or stop any medication.)
  • An overview of your lifestyle
  • A discussion of nutritional adjustments, resources, and your motivation levels
  • No dieting. I will talk about dietary patterns, but I will not “put you on a diet” or forbid you from eating foods that bring you joy. My approach is all about balance.

What about the cost?

My sessions are $79 for 30 minutes. I will take time prior to our session to review any information you provide when scheduling, and I will compile and send notes, resources, and recommendations after we talk.

I will suggest follow-ups based on your individual needs, but it is ultimately up to you how often we meet. Your health is in your hands.

Sarah Choszczyk

I’m excited to get started with you!

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