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I had the pleasure of sitting down with author and energy therapist, Amy B. Scher, for a beautiful conversation about releasing emotional and energetic blocks that can hinder physical healing.

Amy told her chronic illness story and talked about the realization that to fully heal she had to dig deep into her soul and find out what it really means to love herself.

During this conversation we discussed:

  • A new way to consider symptoms–as the body’s unique language
  • How to overcome the labels of symptoms and diagnoses and instead explore those as experiences
  • Ways in which messages, from others and ourselves, get us stuck in harmful patterns
  • How to fully embrace our souls and our bodies as lifelong partners
  • New ways to think about illness, pain, and what our bodies are trying to protect us from and teach us
  • Plus we answered a few important questions about working with our inner selves to heal our bodies
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